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Hitman 3 is the game I wished Assassin’s Creed was

Hitman 3 launches on January 20, but ahead of release I was given the opportunity to slip into Agent 47’s blood-stained shoes. If you’ve played the past two games (2016’s Hitman, and its sequel Hitman 2 in 2018), then you’ll feel instantly at home. The latest game continues to offer beautifully realized exotic locations around the world that offer you deadly playgrounds to stealthily hunt and kill your prey.

After refreshing my memory in the tutorial mission, I tested out the first level, which takes place inside a skyscraper in Dubai. The relatively enclosed space feels like a far cry from some of the more open levels of previous games, but the graphics remain extremely impressive. The skyscraper, and the people inside it (who have gathered together for a party to celebrate its opening), look amazing, and it seems the team is rightfully proud of how the game looks, as at certain points the camera moves to take in some of the stunning scenery, such as the sun bursting through the clouds, bathing revelers in gold.

It’s one of the aspects where IO Interactive’s decision to keep levels small and focused, rather than going the open-world route, has paid dividends. Throughout my time with Hitman 3, I became ever more convinced that this was the game I had always wanted Assassin’s Creed to be.

Hitman 3

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