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Hot Five: Apex Legends accused of 'copying', Angry Birds Journey soft launch, an | Pocket Gamer.biz

To help you keep on top of a busy news cycle and the latest hot topics in mobile gaming, each week we round up the five most-read stories on PocketGamer.biz.

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1. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes made up 98% of all revenue from the last five Star Wars mobile games

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes from Electronic Arts has made up approximately 98 per cent of the last five Star Wars mobile games overall revenue

Galaxy of Heroes has generated 1.2 billion in lifetime revenue, whereas Star Wars: Puzzle Droids, Star Wars: Force Arena, Star Wars: Uprising and Star Wars: Rebels: Recon Missions have all obtained $23,747,000 from joint total player spending.

2. Chinese games regulators gave approval to 1,411 games last year

The Chinese games regulator approved 1,411 games throughout the entirety of 2020.

1,311 of these titles were domestic games while 97 were imported while showing a drop from the number of titles approved for distribution in the previous year, as 1,570 were given the green light in 2019.

3. Apex Legends accused of ‘copying character design’ from indie studio NOWWA

Battle royale shooter Apex Legends has been accused of copying a character design from a small indie studio.

Apex developer Respawn unveiled new legend Fuse earlier this week alongside a new in-game season. However, Liechtenstein-based studio NOWWA claims that the character has striking similarities to Hunter – the main character in its upcoming shooter, BulletVille.

4. How Stacky Dash utilised TikTok to achieve 100,000 downloads a day

As part of our Indie Spotlight series, we spoke to Born2Play founder Stan Mettra and programmer Denis Hiezely on the formation of the studio, partnering with publisher Supersonic Studios, and how TikTok contributed to the launch of Stacky Dash.

5. Angry Birds Journey soft launch takes flight

Rovio has soft-launched Angry Birds Journey, a new casual puzzle game that will see the classic slingshot gameplay return to the series.

The free-to-play title will available to download in the US, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Canada and Poland across the App Store and Google Play.

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