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HTC Vive Cosmos Elite and Aurous 15G bundle let me put high-end VR in a backpack

Virtual reality really has come a long way in recent years. From cumbersome headsets with lacklustre tracking that required monster processing power to run – and that’s before casting our minds back further to the gigantic VR arcade machines of the 1990s – we’re now at a point where even high-end virtual reality gear is compact enough to fit in a backpack – along with the computer to run it. 

Enter HTC, and its partnership with gaming laptop manufacturer Gigabyte. It’s bundling together a Vive Cosmos Elite VR headset with one of Gigabyte’s powerful Aorus 15G laptops, letting you go from naught-to-VR-immersion with one purchase.

Virtual reality universality

We had a lot of fun with the HTC Vive Cosmos Elite when we first tried it out last year. It’s one of the most advanced virtual reality headsets money can buy at the moment, and for good reason. Its 3.4-inch 2880 x 1700 resolution LCD display has a refresh rate of 90Hz, and offers a 1440 x 1700 image per eye – that’s an improvement over even the optics of the class-leading Valve Index (2880 x 1600), our current top-pick for high-end VR gaming overall. 


(Image credit: Future)

Comfortable to wear, and with a 110-degree field of view, the Cosmos Elite is no slouch, with HTC’s Viveport VR software library subscription (bundled here with two month’s free access) offering a ton of cool VR games and experiences to play with. And while built-in, inside-out tracking is convenient in its simplicity, requiring fewer cables or positioning of base stations which track your movements in VR, the Elite’s use of tracking stations is still the most responsive option, especially when moving your hands behind your field of vision.

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