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MSI Introduces the RTX 3060 Ti Aero ITX Graphics Card

MSI has introduced the RTX 3060 Ti Aero ITX Graphics card, which is ideal for small form factor builds; this graphics card’s design is 40% smaller and 50% lighter to stop any GPU sag. While this graphics card may feature a smaller form factor, it still features 100% of the RTX 3060 Ti Graphics card’s performance. MSI has yet to mention any information regarding availability or the price for this upcoming Mini ITX graphics card.

MSI Showcases the RTX 3060 Ti Aero ITX Graphics card offering support for four displays and a Mini ITX form factor

MSI’s newest Mini-ITX graphics card is called the GeForce RTX 3060 Ti AERO ITX. This graphics card features 100% of the performance provided by other RTX 3060 Ti Graphics cards. It features a significantly smaller size and is lighter than other RTX 3060 Ti Graphics cards. This smaller and lighter graphics card offers a wider amount of compatibility for Small Form Factor PC Builds. This card features a dimension of 172 x 125 x 43 mm in an LxWxH format.

GALAX GeForce RTX 3090 HOF, Hall Of Fame, PCB Pictured

Source: MSI

In addition to the smaller size, this graphics card features a protective backplate. This backplate strengthens the graphics card while complimenting the overall design. The backplate features a solid black design and white lettering, saying “GeForce RTX.” This graphics card features an Aero Fan that has been customized with a unique curve to enhance the graphics card’s heat dissipation by creating more airflow and air pressure.

Source: MSI

This fan is paired with four high-efficiency heat pipes that feature a thickness of 6 mm, and these heat pipes easily transport any generated heat to the large heatsink.

MSI’s GeForce RTX 3060 Ti AERO ITX graphics card features a boost clock speed of 1,665 MHz with a maximum of 8 GB of memory. This graphics card features three DisplayPort and a single HDMI port; the HDMI support can support 4K resolutions with a maximum refresh rate of 120 Hz.

This graphics card features maximum power consumption of 200 watts, this graphics card utilizes a single 8-pin connection, and MSI recommends a 650 watt Power supply. MSI has yet to announce any pricing information for this graphics card or when this graphics card will be available for purchase.

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