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Samsung's Galaxy S10 family can now smoothly run Android 11 in and out of the US

There’s no question that Samsung has done an absolutely stellar (and completely unrivaled) job of delivering Android 11 treats to new and old smartphones (and tablets) around the world over the last few weeks, but even the best of the best can sometimes mess up a software update… or four.

That’s because the four over-the-air updates have already resumed in countries like Switzerland after a short break caused by various pretty serious bugs reported by a significant number of early Android 11 adopters. Those who didn’t get a chance to make the jump to the latest OS version should now be able to download and install a fresh and smooth update, while the poor victims of that first wave of camera, battery, performance, and system stability issues have a much smaller but equally important UI tweak to look forward to.
Although it’s a little too soon to know for sure, it definitely looks like users affected by a number of the aforementioned bugs are pleased with this new collection of stability and security fixes.
Big Red seems to have waited for Samsung to iron things out before starting the rollout, which is slowly but surely expanding across the nation with no word on any kind of meaningful widespread stability issues. The ball is now squarely in T-Mobile and AT&T’s courts, and if history is any indication, the second and third-largest wireless service providers stateside will probably follow their arch-rival’s suit in the very near future.

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