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T-Mobile finally starts selling the latest dirt-cheap Alcatel tablet with 4G LTE

You may not remember this, but T-Mobile‘s so-called “flagship prepaid brand” released a new dirt-cheap Android tablet with built-in cellular connectivity a little over two months ago. The main reason why you probably don’t remember the Alcatel Joy Tab 2, of course, is that the 8-incher comes with an instantly forgettable design and a terribly modest spec sheet. 

On the decidedly bright side of things, Metro customers were charged a measly 60 bucks straight off the bat, and if you don’t have a problem activating a new line of service, you can further bring the slate’s $119.99 list price down to… $0 at the time of this writing.
Before doing that, however, you should know the 4G LTE-enabled tablet is now available directly from Magenta as well… at a slightly higher $168 price. You can obviously split that into 24 monthly payments of 7 bucks each with pretty much no strings attached, although it might be wiser to wait for T-Mo’s next inevitable “Tablet on Us” promotion.
Just like the first-gen Joy Tab, the “Un-carrier’s” latest cellular-capable slate is all but guaranteed to go free of charge for new customers or existing ones willing to open a new line of eligible service in the near future. 

When that eventually happens, it’s certainly going to be hard to argue with the appeal of a “vibrant” 8-inch display sporting HD resolution, 32 gigs of internal storage space, a 3GB RAM count, up to 8.5 hours of battery life between charges, a 5MP front-facing camera and 5MP rear-facing shooter, as well as a quad-core 2.0GHz MediaTek SoC.

Naturally, this is no iPad killer, holding its own rather decently against something like Amazon’s similarly affordable Fire HD 8 Plus, which doesn’t support cellular connectivity, while undercutting Samsung’s arguably superior (and prettier) Galaxy Tab A 8.4 with standalone 4G LTE speeds. 

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