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The Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Cases

Samsung just released a constellation of Galaxy S21 phones: the S21, the S21+, and the S21 Ultra. They’re the company’s new flagship phones and have the features to prove it.

The Galaxy S21 is an itty-bitty phone that “packs plenty of power into its small stature,” according to our lead mobile analyst, Sascha Segan. It holds its own against the iPhone 12 mini, with 5G technology that networks don’t even support yet. For those who want something more, by which we mean a larger screen size, there’s the Galaxy S21+. If you really want to go all out, the Galaxy S21 Ultra delivers a high-quality superzoom camera that truly works, supports Samsung’s excellent S Pen, and sets the bar for smartphone features in 2021.

And while the S21 lineup is slightly more affordable than the S20, it’s still a big investment you’ll want to protect. We make the case for several dozen of the best ones below.

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