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The Legend Of Zelda-Like Phoenotopia: Awakening Is Now On PC

Phoenotopia: Awakening–previously a Switch exclusive–is now available on PC via Steam. This action-adventure puzzle platformer is a full-blown remake of 2014’s Phoenotopia, a popular Flash game.

In Phoenotopia: Awakening, you play as Gale, a simple villager. When mysterious invaders appear from the sky and abduct all the adults, you suddenly become the oldest person in the village. Despite your lack of combat training and knowledge about the outside world, you take responsibility for the situation and set out on an adventure to save the grown-ups.

Gameplay-wise, Phoenotopia: Awakening features top-down, open-world exploration when you’re wandering through the landscape and transitions into a side-scrolling action-platformer when you enter towns, dungeons, and other key areas. Combat is difficult, relying on stamina.

But enemies and powerful bosses aren’t the only challenge you’ll encounter–the game’s many dungeons are commonly compared to the difficult puzzle-filled labyrinths seen in 2D The Legend of Zelda games. But at least you’ll be grooving while you’re scratching your head, as the game features over 60 original tracks, many of which are really good.

The game is quite hefty with content for those looking for a game to fill up a few weekends. Developer Cape Cosmic estimates the full campaign will take you 30 hours–for completionists, it will take you about 50 total hours to beat the main story and then also find the 33 energy gems, 55 heart pieces, and 111 moonstones, as well as unlock the 33 achievement badges.

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