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Unlocked version of Verizon's exclusive white Google Pixel 4a 5G launches in January

The slightly more expensive white Pixel 4a 5G will no longer be exclusive to Verizon, The Verge reports. Starting later this month, customers will be able to purchase the unlocked white Pixel 4a 5G in white from various retailers across the country.Currently selling for $600 at Verizon, the unlocked Pixel 4a 5G in white will be available for purchase for $500. The reason Verizon’s variant is more expensive because it features millimeter-wave 5G support, whereas the unlocked version comes with sub-6GHz 5G support.

B&H Video has already listed the unlocked Pixel 4a 5G in white, but pre-orders won’t start until later this month. In fact, Google confirmed to The Verge that this specific Pixel 4a 5G variant will start shipping on January 28, so customers will have to wait a few more weeks until the phone pops up at retail stores.

Currently, the Pixel 4a 5G is available in three different versions. The cheapest one, the regular Pixel 4a costs $350 and comes in black and blue colors. The unlocked Pixel 4a 5G model costs $500 and is available in black and, soon, white. Finally, Verizon’s Pixel 4a 5G UW still sells for $600 and customers can choose between black and white colors.

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