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Virtual fitness comes calling this January, courtesy the HealthifyMe app

Indian health and fitness app HealthifyMe has launched ‘FitFest 21’ — a virtual fitness festival that will span all of January, to offer its users new ways of staying fit via live workouts, cooking classes, knowledge sessions and more.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of people had to find new ways of staying fit while being confined to their homes. This led to a significant rise in the number of users looking at online services for their goals. In 2020 alone, HealthifyMe onboarded more than four million users, taking the total to over 17 million downloads globally. 

(Image credit: Future)

The objective of FitFest 21 is to get users excited and motivated about their fitness goals for 2021 and share success stories to keep them going. Now available on the HealthifyMe app, the virtual event aims to cover multiple aspects of fitness via a host of online activities such as daily live workouts and cooking classes, crash courses on diet and fitness, celebrity master classes, games and quizzes on health as well as testimonials from users who successfully used the app to reach their fitness goals during the pandemic.

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