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Wccftech Community's Best Games of 2020 Polls

After meticulously going through both the Best Games of 2020 for each category and then moving on to the Most Anticipated Games of 2021, it is finally time for your, our dear community, to get to vote in the Wccftech Community Awards 2020.

As a reminder, just like in previous years, when looking at the most anticipated upcoming games we have elected to forego all those titles that do not yet have a release window. That means no Age of Empires IV, no Babylon’s Fall, no Bayonetta 3, no Beyond Good & Evil 2, no Diablo IV, no Dying Light 2, no Elden Ring, no Everwild, no Final Fantasy XVI, no Metroid Prime 4, no Overwatch 2, no Path of Exile 2, no Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II, no Star Citizen, no Starfield, no System Shock 3, no The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, no Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2, even if some of these games do have a chance at coming out in 2021.

Wccftech’s Best Adventure Games of 2020 – Means to Escape

The polls will last until next Saturday. On Sunday, January 31st, we will announce the winners of Wccftech’s Community Awards and those of the Staff Awards, too. Without further ado, let the votes begin!

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Best Action Game of 2020

Best Shooter Game of 2020

Best Roleplaying Game of 2020

Best Horror Game of 2020

Best Strategy/Simulation Game of 2020

Best Sports/Racing Game of 2020

Best Indie Game of 2020

Best Platform Game of 2020

Best Adventure Game of 2020

Best Virtual Reality Game of 2020

Best Fighting Game of 2020

Best Multiplayer Game of 2020

Most Anticipated Game of 2021

Game of the Year 2020

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