Do you need everything you can get for power? Or maybe you feel like giving someone a generous loan of consumer electronics charging equipment? Anker has bundled together a 30W USB-C wall charger with a 20,000mAh power bank and 3-ft. Type-C cable on Amazon and has put it on sale for more than 20% off today.

The big, bad, bold PowerCore Speed 20000 battery is strictly USB Power Delivery compliant and won’t charge on Qualcomm’s Quick Charge standards — it can juice devices via a single full USB or single USB-C (input/output) port at up to 24W and can take in power at up to 30W.

Funnily enough (well, not coincindental at all), the USB-C wall wart passes on power at up to 30W, too. And then there’s that 3-ft. cable. The kit’s all there and it’s friendly to your devices’ power controllers.

And it’s all yours for $50 right now — $16 off recent pricing.