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Apple's AirPods and AirPods Pro haven't been this cheap since Cyber Monday 2020

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It was only yesterday that we told you about Amazon’s awesome new deal on Apple’s “regular” AirPods 2 with a wired charging case included and just a couple of weeks ago that we brought you news of the highest AirPods Pro discount available thus far in 2021, but believe it or not, the same e-commerce giant is already holding even greater sales for buyers of both models.

The entry-level second-gen AirPods are now up for grabs at their Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020 price, while Apple‘s industry-leading noise-cancelling true wireless earbuds will set you back a whopping $59.01 less than usual, coming extremely close to their own all-time high markdown.
The AirPods Pro are typically priced at $249, and although it’s pretty difficult to find anything wrong with these bad boys as far as audio quality, noise cancellation technology, build quality, comfort, and even battery life is concerned, the same can essentially be said about Samsung’s hot new Galaxy Buds Pro as well. 

Hence, you can probably understand why Amazon might feel the need to try to sweeten the AirPods Pro deal, shaving an extra 10 bucks off the aforementioned list price at checkout on top of the “normal” $49.01 discount instantly offered on and off for the past few months.

The non-Pro Apple H1-powered AirPods with a non-wireless charging case bundled in are similarly listed at $39.01 off their regular $159 price at the time of this writing while also qualifying for an additional $10 savings at checkout. Compared to their fancier siblings, these affordable puppies can actually keep your favorite tunes going longer on a single charge, so despite the missing active noise cancelling functionality, you shouldn’t completely disregard this variant. 

What you should do is make your choice as soon as possible and pull the trigger before Amazon inevitably puts an end to the $10 extra promos or these combined deals altogether. By the way, the non-Pro AirPods are also sold at a straightforward $39.02 (20 percent) discount with a wireless charging case included and no need to wait for anything to happen while checking out and completing your order.

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