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Fast 9 Super Bowl Trailer Features Family, Fast Cars, And John Cena Driving Furiously

During last year’s Super Bowl, a new Fast and the Furious trailer debuted, as the movie was originally going to release in May 2020. However, because of the global pandemic, the film was delayed. Things have moved fast since then, and we’re all a bit less furious, because a new trailer was released before the start of the Super Bowl. Prepare for joy.

While it’s only a 30-second spot, the quick video is a reminder that Justice for Han is right around the corner, and F9 will more than likely feature more snacking than fans have been accustomed to over the years. Check out the family-themed trailer below.

“The world has a way of changing,” explains Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto, and boy that statement couldn’t hit home any harder. “But there’s one thing that always stays the same. You miss the old life, every day.” Is Toretto talking about high-octane heists or being trapped in quarantine the past year?

All of your favorites are back for the next installment–minus Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham, who have been spun off into their own franchise.. But that’s ok because director Justin Lin has added another WWE wrestler-turned actor to his F9 arsenal in John Cena. And the best part about Cena’s role is that he’s playing Dominic’s long-lost brother–because of course he is. He also drives oh so angry in the new trailer.

Additionally, Sung Kang comes back as Han–a beloved character that died in the third Fast & Furious movie, Tokyo Drift, even though it actually takes place after the sixth movie in the series. Also returning is Michelle Rodriguez as Letty, Helen Mirren as Magdalene Shaw, Tyrese Gibson as Roman Pearce, Ludacris as Tej Parker, and many more. Also, Jordana Brewster returns to the series after sitting out F8 as Mia.

While the movie has been pushed back a couple of times to May 28, 2021, the trailer simply states the movie is “Coming soon,” so it’s unknown at this time whether or not it will hit the May release date. Probably not though, as there are a lot of people left to vaccinate before it’s safe to go back to the theaters.

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