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Hot Five: Zynga enters console market, Crash Bandicoot creative lead interview, | Pocket Gamer.biz

To help you keep on top of a busy news cycle and the latest hot topics in mobile gaming, each week we round up the five most-read stories on PocketGamer.biz.

Read on and digest…

1. King’s pursuit to create “the Crashiest Crash game ever

We speak to Crash Bandicoot: On the Run creative lead Stephen Jarrett about the marsupial’s first mobile outing in over a decade, alongside how the studio looks to continue the success of the IP after three successful hits in four years.

2. The hypercasual publishing process: The story of Phone Case DIY

Hypercasual publisher CrazyLabs takes a look at the success of Australian-based developer Crikey, the studio behind simulator Phone Case DIY.

3. Zynga set to enter console market with Star Wars: Hunters

American social games giant Zynga is making its first foray onto consoles with Star Wars: Hunters.

Star Wars: Hunters is a free-to-play online shooter, set between Episodes Six and Seven in the franchise’s movie series.

4. In-play ads dubbed ‘most exciting format’ for developers in 2021

In-play ads appear to be the most exciting format on offer in 2021, according to a report from advertising specialist Admix.

Unsurprisingly, in-play ads are better received by players due to them not taking away from their experience. As such, more mobile developers are looking at this method.

5. LEGO’s Ankur Suri explains the difficulties with visas if you live in a developing country

As part of our regular POC in Mobile series, we spoke to LEGO strategic partnerships lead Ankur Suri about his time in the industry and the challenges of obtaining a job when you live in a developing country.

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