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LG Wing, Pixel 5 will soon work on 5G spectrum only available now on the iPhone 12 and Galaxy S21

According to a tipster who spoke with PCMag, both the LG Wing and the Google Pixel 5 will soon support C-band 5G spectrum. The change will be made through a software update and the tipster cited FCC approval for a “class 2 permissive change” for both phones. That is FCC-speak for a change that gives a phone some new capabilities or allows it to support new frequency bands.
The FCC recently auctioned off $81 billion in licenses for mid-band spectrum in the C-band that runs from 3.7GHz-3.98GHz. The amount of money generated by bidders was a record and showed the heavy demand for the rare mid-band signals that will be used to carry 5G traffic. T-Mobile spent $26.5 billion to purchase rival Sprint in a deal that closed last April. T-Mobile went after Sprint so that it could take ownership of the latter’s mid-band spectrum. Using the characteristics of mid-band airwaves, carriers will be able to provide faster 5G download data speeds than what it can deliver using just low-band spectrum. Mid-band signals also allow wireless providers to cover more of the country than high-band signals alone. The C-band spectrum is expected to debut for 5G service at the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022.
Securities firm Raymond James concludes that Verizon spent the most at the C-band auction with that figure amounting to approximately $30 billion. AT&T was next, spending about $20 billion on the auction. T-Mobile might have bid $11 billion according to the brokerage firm, but the nation’s second largest carrier (still amazed to type that) doesn’t need to add to its mid-band holdings like its two rivals do.
The Verizon and AT&T versions of the LG Wing will be getting C-band support (model no. ZNFF100VM) and not T-Mobile’s variant. Only one version of the Pixel 5 is in the FCC database and that is the model receiving the C-band support. If you’re curious about other handsets available that already connect to the C-band, the Apple iPhone 12 series and the Samsung Galaxy S21 line already work with those airwaves.

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