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Motorola taps into the rugged smartphone business through a new partnership

Motorola plans to enter the rugged smartphone business, the US company revealed today. To help bring its products to this niche market, Motorola has partnered with Bullitt, the company behind the Cat rugged smartphones.

The official announcement mentions that Motorola and Bullitt will “combine their expertise to reach a new segment of consumers.” Although the statement doesn’t offer any details about any upcoming products, it does say that Motorola plans to create an entire portfolio of rugged phones.

In fact, it’s Bullitt that will build Motorola’s new lineup of rugged phones, as the former is getting the exclusive global license to develop and market rugged handsets wearing the latter’s brand.

Motorola and Bullitt promised that information about the first rugged mobile phones will be revealed later this quarter, so we’ll know more about the company’s plans in just a month from now.

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