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Nope, it doesn't look like Epic Games is going public yet | Pocket Gamer.biz

Epic Games has downplayed rumours that it is heading towards an IPO in the near future.

That’s according a spokesperson for the Fortnite firm, who told GameSpot that while it was keeping an eye on the market, it was mostly concerned with attracted private investment for the time being.

This follows Bloomberg columnist Tae Kim posting on Twitter that someone had started work as in investor relations for Epic Games.

“It’s fairly common for companies of our size to hire people to help broaden and deepen relationships with existing investors and build new relationships,” a spokesperson for the company said.

“Epic is always monitoring the market and is prepared to consider opportunities as they arise, but right now we are focused on investing in our business, executing against our opportunities, and delivering value to our investors.”

For the full story head over to PCGamesInsider.biz.

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