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PlayStation Wrap Up 2020 lets you share your gaming shame with the world

Sony’s PlayStation Wrap Up is back to remind us all that 2020 was a fantastic year for gaming – not just because of the stellar lineup of titles that came out on PS4 and the landmark release of the PS5, but honestly… there wasn’t much else we could do thanks to Covid-19. 

If you’ve ever wondered how many hours you’ve sunk into Call of Duty: Warzone or Demon’s Souls then, it’s time to face some hard numbers. You’ll be able to see how many games you played, the amount of trophies you unlocked, and which titles you spent the most time with – you’ll even be congratulated if you bought a PS5, as cruel as that may be for some. (If you’re having trouble finding Sony’s new console, we’re doing our best to help you buy a PS5.)

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