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Samsung's Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G is cheaper than a Note 20 after this huge $500 discount

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Believe it or not, we have reached the point where a high-end smartphone that starts at $1,200 actually feels reasonably priced. Samsung‘s hot new Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is indeed $100 cheaper than last fall’s Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G (at their retail prices), as well as just $100 costlier than Apple’s entry-level iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Even better, the S21 Ultra recently received a cool $200 discount, but while that unlocked nationwide deal is no longer available, you can currently purchase the 5G-capable Note 20 Ultra at a whopping 500 bucks less than usual… if you hurry.
That’s right, the S Pen-wielding giant is on sale today only for $799.99 instead of its $1,299.99 list price in brand-new condition with a 1-year manufacturer warranty included. If this promotion sounds familiar, you might remember a very similar one offered by the same exact e-tailer just last month.
Woot is now charging $50 less than back then, which means the unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G is officially available at its lowest price ever. We’re talking the same price you can typically find the “regular” Galaxy S21 5G at, and obviously, there’s no question which of the two devices you should choose if you have $800 to spend on a new Android handset right now.
Granted, the S21 is newer than the Note 20 Ultra, consequently using a newer and faster Snapdragon 888 processor, but otherwise, the little guy has nothing on the 2020-released 6.9-incher. Ironically, Amazon, which just so happens to own Woot, currently charges $200 more for a non-Ultra Galaxy Note 20 5G model with a 6.7-inch 60Hz screen in tow, as well as a plastic back, no microSD support, and a 12 + 64 + 12MP triple rear-facing camera setup.

The Note 20 Ultra, meanwhile, comes with a 108MP primary shooter slapped on its back, a super-premium stainless steel frame, and above all, a stunning Dynamic AMOLED display sporting a resolution of 3088 x 1440 pixels and 120Hz refresh rate technology. Pretty decent spec sheet for eight Benjamins in an eye-catching Mystic Bronze hue, eh?

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