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Thanks to a new update, Samsung watches are first in the world to offer blood pressure monitoring

The functionality will be available as part of the Samsung Health Monitor app. The process is not so straightforward but you have got to hand it to Samsung for being the first device vendor to add blood pressure monitoring to its watches. 

When using the feature for the first time, you will need to calibrate your watch with a traditional cuff. Once that’s done, you will be able to use your watch to measure your blood pressure independently of a cuff. 

The blood pressure is measured using pulse wave analysis, which Samsung says is tracked with the Heart Rate Monitoring sensors. The relationship between the calibration value and the blood pressure change is then analyzed to determine the blood pressure.

The South Korean giant also says that you should calibrate your watch at least every four weeks to ensure accuracy. 

The functionality will reach consumers in 31 countries including the UK, UAE, France, Germany, and Spain in the coming weeks. 

Forbes reports that the new update also brings ECG measurement to the Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Watch Active 2. Apple has offered this functionality since 2018 and it’s also available on some Fitbit, Withings, and Amazfit smartwatches. 

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