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The N3twork Scale Platform partners with Emerald City Games | Pocket Gamer.biz

The N3twork Scale Platform is set to publish its 10th game after it formed a partnership with Emerald City Games.

The Canada-based studio, and its title Lionheart: Dark Moon, joins the likes of 99 Games, MeeWow Games and Two Hand Games, who have also joined the platform.

The midcore RPG demonstrated great potential during its initial NSP test period. In that time, it showed ARPP growth and had a day one retention rate of 44 per cent with a player conversion rate of 15 per cent.

Lionheart: Dark Moon features more than 150 heroes, which players can use as they fight bosses and take on other players in player-versus-player action.

Moreover, the game features a guild system, through which players can take part in weekend events.

Growing up

Most recently, Imba Games joined the N3twork Scale Platform with its title I Am Hero.

However, the first game to have been released through the NSP program was Star Chef 2 in June 2020.

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