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This Game Boy Mod Makes Controlling Your Apple TV a Breeze

(Image: Otto Climan / YouTube)

What do you get when you cross an Apple TV remote with a Game Boy Color? Quite possibly one of the most useful ways to control your Apple set top box yet.

Italian YouTuber Otto Climan came up with an ingenious way to use a modded Game Boy with his Apple TV, Gizmodo reports. He enlisted the help of retro gaming outfit Retro Modding to create a special Game Boy Color case, and documented his project from start to finish.

It combines the sleek classic Apple aesthetic with the original Game Boy look. It features a much brighter screen and modern touches to keep the “remote” looking as good as it can.

Climan took a special Game Boy Color cartridge and loaded it with all the codes needed to control the Apple TV. Using the IR functionality already built into the Game Boy Color, that was all Climan needed to get the show on the road.

Since the cartridge houses the essential software, you could likely do this with any Game Boy Color, but this shell actually looks the part. As with anything Apple, sleek white is usually the way to go, anyway.

The end product seems to control Climan’s Apple TV in a much more effective manner than the touch-controlled stock remote. It’s tempting to try out this exact same mod on your own if you also tend to struggle with Apple’s diminutive remote.

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