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Walmart Will Have PS5 And Xbox Series X Stock At 3 PM ET

If you’re still looking to buy an Xbox Series X or PS5, you’ll have another chance today via Walmart. The major retailer will restock the next-gen consoles today, February 4, at 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET, according to a Walmart spokesperson who informed GameSpot via email. The PS5 and Xbox Series X will only be available for delivery, and you’ll be able to order through Walmart.com or the Walmart app, while supplies last.

It’s unclear whether today’s Xbox and PS5 restock at Walmart will include the Series S and PS5 Digital, but just in case, we’ve included the store links for all four models below.

PlayStation 5

You can check out the PS5 listings at Walmart below.

Xbox Series X

You can check out the Xbox listings at Walmart below.

Walmart’s next-gen console restocks are known for being particularly frustrating for hopeful buyers. While it’s convenient that the store has been announcing its restocks ahead of time, that also provides scalpers ample time to prepare, and every previous console restock at Walmart has sold out within less than a minute. Securing a PS5 or Xbox Series X at Walmart is a matter of luck, but you can improve your chances by being logged into your Walmart account ahead of time and having both your payment and shipping address up to date. That minimizes the chance of it selling out while you’re in checkout.

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