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A new 11-inch iPad case winds up at Target right before rumored March Apple event

The rumors’ windmill around Apple’s future products has just shifted to a higher gear after a case by a third-party accessories brand winded up at Target (via AppleInsider). The case was brought to our attention by an image posted on Reddit. On the image, one can clearly see a new case by Speck with a “New 11-inch 2021 iPad” device label on it — a creature not seen, nor announced in the real world. Interestingly enough, the person who uploaded the picture of the case, a guy nicknamed “nanosplitter21” on Reddit, tried to buy it and faced difficulties. A message popped up stating that the unit would be available for purchase from April 4 on. Later on, an employee of Target stated that the product was mistakenly put out for sale.

As a quick reminder, third-party companies sometimes produce cases in advance based on product dimensions and technical drawings, trying to get ahead of the curve when it comes to devices that are about to be released, so the actual unveiling of a new 11-inch 2021 iPad has become even more plausible following the leaked image.

This all ties up with the expectations that Apple will hold an event on March 23. The rumors making the rounds are that the event will happen to light up upcoming updates in the iPad, iPad Pro lines, and also finally unveil AirTags. Eventually, Apple would stir up the waters in the iPad mini sector and bring further developments in the Apple TV department. The date of the event is yet to be confirmed officially.

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