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Apple iPhone retrieved from freezing lake after one month is fully functional

Angie Carriere was ice fishing in Waskesiu Lake, Saskatchewan to celebrate her 50th birthday. Ten minutes after warning her daughter to be careful with her phone, a gust of wind knocked over a tent. In reaching for it, Carriere knocked her handset off of her knee and right into the lake.
Like most people who lose an iPhone to a theft, the elements or a horrible industrial accident in a small town factory, the first thought that came to Angie’s mind was that she never will see her iPhone again. But the more that she thought about it, the more determined she was to get her phone back so that she could salvage the photos of her birthday party that she snapped. So with her friends in tow, Carriere used a fish finder to locate the iPhone and with the help of a magnet, she was able to pull the handset out of the water. And to everyone’s surprise, the iPhone 11 Pro was fully functional.
The phone was discovered on Angie’s third trip back to the area giving truth to the old adage that the third time is the charm. The iPhone 11 Pro has an IP68 rating allowing it to be submerged to a depth of no more than 4 meters (13.12 feet) for as long as 30 minutes. Despite that protection, Apple still does not cover any iPhone that has been damaged by water or other liquids.

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