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Banned horror game Devotion available again on PC

Now that’s devotion (pic: Red Candle Games)

Red Candle Games is now selling Devotion on its own website, following its removal from Steam and GOG.

Critically acclaimed horror game Devotion is now, finally, available for everyone to buy, after it was pulled from both Steam and GOG following complaints from Chinese gamers.

After it was taken off Steam, it was supposed to become available on GOG, only for that plan to be cancelled the very day it was announced. But now finally it’s back for real, and available to download digitally for Windows and Mac via the website of developer Red Candle Games.

The game can be bought on its own or in a bundle with Detention, Red Candle’s other horror game, and both games are DRM free. Red Candle adds that all its future projects will be the same and be available via the website.

The news is being met with fanfare from those eager to play it again and financially support Red Candle. It helps that Devotion is also one of the best survival horror games of the generation, filling the Silent Hill-shaped hole in our hearts and making it a must-play for fans of the genre.

However, some of the responses on Twitter suggest some people are having trouble purchasing it. What’s more, the site only accepts payment in US dollars and offers no other currencies.

If you’re wondering whether Devotion will release physically, it did in Taiwan but, at the time of writing, there are no plans to bring it to the West.

As a reminder, Devotion initially drew controversy for including a meme which compares China’s president Xi Jinping to Winnie the Pooh. Following a mass of review bombs on Steam, Red Candle removed the game to check for technical issues and other ‘unintended materials,’ but ultimately never re-released it.

It was going to release on GOG back in December until CD Projekt, the company that owns GOG, backpedalled and cancelled the release, with its only justification for doing so being that it received ‘many messages from gamers.’ Unsurprisingly, the move was met with widespread criticism.

With any luck, Red Candle will be able to finally move past the controversy Devotion stirred up and put all its energy into its next project, whatever that may end up being.

Devotion is available to download digitally for PC.

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