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Best Stadia Accessories 2021 | Android Central

Google Stadia Accessories
Android Central

One of the big perks of Stadia is that there’s a huge list of Stadia-compatible devices on which you can stream AAA games, along with a ton of compatible controllers. So depending on whether you prefer playing Stadia on your TV, phone, or computer, there are different types of accessories that can improve your play sessions. Here are the best Google Stadia accessories for any gaming scenario.

Best for any Stadia device:
Stadia Controller

Staff Pick

The Stadia Controller isn’t just your only option for streaming on your TV. It also connects wirelessly to your PC, laptop, Chromebook, tablet, or phone. It’s the only compatible controller that lets you use Google Assistant or share gaming clips instantly to YouTube, and you can even use it for non-Stadia games. Stadia has local multiplayer, so even if you have one already it’s worth buying another for your roomie or loved ones. Get the wasabi-colored one — it’s gorgeous!

$69 at Google Store

Google Stadia Controller Skin

Customize your controllers:
Google Stadia controller skins

Most people got the Clearly White Stadia Controller, and in general, Stadia has fewer custom controllers than other consoles. Skinit offers hundreds of licensed controller patterns for Stadia (or any other major) controller, including pro sports and college logos, Marvel and DC comic book heroes, and anime characters, plus a ton of original designs. They’re simple to apply but also can be removed without damaging your controller in case you want to try a new one!

From $15 at Skinit

SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless Gaming Headset

Great no-lag audio:
SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless Gaming Headset

The rare gaming headset confirmed to be compatible with the Stadia controller, the Arctis 1 will also provide low latency lossless wireless audio for virtually any console, Android phone, or PC thanks to its USB-C Wireless Transmitter. In other words, you won’t see any audio desync during play. Its battery life will at least match up with the controller, it’s extremely comfortable, has great 3D sound, and has a detachable mic for chatting with friends.

Google Stadia Case

Total protection:
Orzly Case for Stadia Controller

This hard-shell traveling case is built specifically for the Stadia controller, keeping it tightly secure for travel or storage. You can also fit your charging cable and other small accessories in the top pouch, but larger accessories won’t fit inside. It will also protect other Stadia-compatible controllers like the Xbox Wireless or Switch Pro if you decide to take a different one on your trip.

$19 at Amazon

Google Stadia Clip

Mobile Stadia tool:
Power Support Claw for Stadia Controller

Built specifically for the Stadia controller, the Power Support Claw can hold any phone with heights between 2.09 in and 3.19 in (thick cases may make larger phones not fit). It attaches to the top of the controller, which makes it more balanced and comfortable for long play sessions but also makes buttons harder to see or press while you’re gaming. It’s the most reliable phone holder for dedicated Stadia players.

$15 at Google Store

Razer Kishi for Android

Switch-ify your phone:
Razer Kishi

Most people prefer Stadia for the convenience of playing AAA games anywhere, not just on your TV. The Kishi is a controller accessory that opens up and swallows most Android phones, using its battery to power itself. It’s one of the best Stadia accessories because it’s instantly compatible, allows for passthrough charging of your phone, is easy to transport, and lets you comfortably hold your phone like a handheld console while laying down.

Stadia Premiere Edition

Enable Stadia on your TV:
Stadia Premiere Edition

You can technically call this the Stadia “console”, but it’s actually a bundle of accessories: the Stadia controller, the discontinued Chromecast Ultra that you need to play games on your television, and the necessary power adapter and cable. You don’t need these to play Stadia, but the controller is our favorite and you can use the Ultra for casting other content besides Stadia.

$100 at Best Buy

SUPCASE Portable Adjustable Desk Aluminum Mount

Holds up any device:
SUPCASE Portable Adjustable Desk Aluminum Mount

Most phone mounts attach to controllers and only fit certain-sized devices. This desk mount is large enough to hold giant phones with cases, tablets, Switches — whatever you want. For anyone who wants a larger display like an iPad or Android tablet for their Stadia games, and doesn’t want to play with touchscreen controls (don’t), this is a reliable option.

$25 at Amazon

RAZER Hammerhead USB-C ANC Earbuds

Block out everything else:
RAZER Hammerhead USB-C ANC

Our top pick for the best USB-C headphones, the Razer Hammerheads have active noise cancellation (or passive, if you prefer) to give you the best audio immersion in your Stadia gaming. Dual drivers give these Razer buds some impressive sound, and the padded tips make them comfortable to wear for hours.

Google Nest Wifi Router

“Gaming preferred” network:
Nest Wifi Mesh Router

Fast network speeds are perhaps the most important factor for seamless Stadia gameplay, but a poor router or competition from other devices can cause problems. Only the Nest Wifi routers have a Gaming Preferred setting that specifically prioritizes Stadia traffic above everything else. One router covers 2,200 square feet, integrates easily with Google Home, and has more than fast enough speeds for Stadia.

Xbox One Controller

Everybody’s favorite:
Xbox Wireless Controller

Probably the most popular controller available today, the Xbox Wireless is fully compatible with Stadia and connects via Bluetooth to all Stadia phones, tablets, and PCs — though not your TV, unfortunately. Unlike the Stadia controller, it has offset analog sticks, which many gamers prefer.

Chromecast With Google TV

Future Stadia platform:
Chromecast with Google TV

Although we have a guide for how to use Stadia on Chromecast with Google TV right now, this dongle won’t officially support Stadia until sometime this year. Despite that, the Chromecast Ultra is hard to find and doesn’t have new features like the Google TV platform. If you can be patient, the newer dongle is a better option for your TV with its 4K60 support and AI recommendations — and will ideally add gaming support very soon.

Varied accessories for a complicated console

Technically, you shouldn’t need any accessories to start playing Stadia games, especially if you’re a regular gamer with other controllers to use as your Stadia regular. But in practice, you need specific accessories depending on what kind of Stadia gamer you are. Do you prefer Stadia on mobile, PC, TV, or something else? Do you have one gaming spot or do you like taking your gaming equipment on the road? That makes picking the best Stadia accessories a bit complicated.

Let’s start by determining which of the best Stadia controllers you use (or plan to buy). Assuming you have the official Stadia controller, then the official Power Support Claw will attach to it for mobile gaming, while you won’t need anything else except the Chromecast Ultra for TV gaming. But if you use a Microsoft, Sony, or SteelSeries controller, then you should check our list of the best phone mounts for game controllers, which has specifically compatible mounts for each manufacturer.

The Stadia controller has an audio jack but is also compatible with USB-C headphones. That means, most gaming headsets or earbuds will be compatible, but we focused on USB-C models: that way, they can slot into your phone or tablet when you’re charging the controller (or if you don’t have the controller at all). The wireless SteelSeries Arctis 1 is our top choice because you’ll be able to react near-instantly to in-game sounds and because it’s fully compatible with most other gaming consoles like the PS5.

Armed with these accessories, you’ll have a better time tackling the best Stadia games, no matter which Stadia setup you prefer.

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