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Brazil Fines Apple For Selling iPhones Without Chargers

A court in São Paulo has sentenced Apple to pay $2m (about £1.4m) in fines for violating the state’s consumer law by not including chargers with its iPhones.

Apple stopped bundling a charger as of the launch of the iPhone 12 (although it still bundles the cable), and claims to have made this decision to protect the environment by reducing emissions and the use of rare earth metals. However, several analysts claim the company also uses it as a way to keep down the price of its handsets.

In December 2020, authorities in São Paulo decided that Apple had to supply a charger to those who bought an iPhone. They also believe that Apple has failed to prove that its decision is beneficial for the environment, Tilt reports.

Apple will have a chance to appeal the decision but has not yet commented.

This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation by David Price.

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