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Breath of the Wild Into a First-Person Adventure

(Image: Nintendo)

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is traditionally a third-person game. But thanks to a newly-discovered glitch, it might be possible to play the game in first-person view instead.

According to IGN, Kotaku spotted one talented Twitter user who uncovered a way to trigger the Breath of the Wild camera to toggle instead to view the game via hero Link’s point of view. User @Axk_000 suggests using the following instructions:

YouTuber Peco created a quick video demonstrating how the glitch will look in play. It’s almost like a different game, especially when you take the sprawling kingdom of Hyrule into account. It looks even larger when viewed from a first-person angle.

Nintendo has patched out similar issues like these in the past. While it’s currently available for anyone to try, it’s important to remember it might not remain that way. If you’re interested in experiencing the game in a new light, you can try this yourself on your own Switch.

This glitch is a bit similar to the time Nintendo offered a “VR” update for Breath of the Wild by way of the Nintendo Labo VR goggles. This allowed users to look around Hyrule while “inside” of the game as if they were there. It’s not quite the same as playing in first-person mode, but it’s fairly close. It’s also an official alternative you can still use if Nintendo does patch out the current glitch.

It’s possible that the upcoming sequel to Breath of the Wild may even feature a first-person mode. There’s no release date planned for the Switch follow-up just yet, so we’ll have to wait and see.

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