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Call Of Duty Drops R1 Shadowhunter After Accidental Release, Refunds Being Issued

A few days, ago, the R1 Shadowhunter crossbow was made available in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Warzone, but this was accidental. It wasn’t supposed to actually release until later this season, and Activision has removed the weapon from both games. It’s also issuing refunds to those who grabbed it during this brief period.

Activision shared the news on its official support Twitter page, saying the bundle that included the weapon will be returned to the store at “a later date,” along with an associated challenge. Just when this will be isn’t clear, so it’s possible the weapon went online well before it was supposed to.

Prior to it being removed, the weapon was available for stealth-minded players. It fired silent crossbow bolts, letting you take out targets without alerting others in the area. This would be especially useful in Warzone, where alerting others to your position is often the difference between life and death. Getting the weapon in Cold War, at least during the initial accidental release, was possible by getting a series of the One Shot, One Kill in 15 games, so players who have been playing for months will likely be able to get it fairly quickly when it comes back.

Plenty of new content did come to the game on purpose recently. A recent update added several different weapon bundles, and an assault rifle that appears to have a dragon spitting out a gun barrel will be live tomorrow, March 21. Zombies continue to spread across Verdansk in Warzone, as well, adding another wrinkle to the game’s ever-changing story. It hasn’t gotten as goofy as something like Fortnite, but the developers certainly seem committed to keeping the battle royale game fresh.

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