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Code reveals centered selfie snapper and 4K selfie videos for 5G Pixel 6

Google released the latest version of the Google Camera app and 9to5Google found code that helps give away the location of the front-facing camera on various Pixel models. Just as renders of the Pixel 5a have shown a similarity to the Pixel 4a 5G, the rear camera module on the former will look just like the one on the latter and the selfie snapper will also be a hole punch camera in the upper left corner of the display. However, the actual hole on the Pixel 5a’s front-facing camera will be visibly smaller than the holes used these days on Pixel handsets. This should result in a smaller bezel and a higher screen-to-body ratio for the Pixel 5a.
The hidden code in the Google Camera app also reveals that the Pixel 6 will sport a top centered hole punch camera. This will be different than the selfie snapper that was found in the upper left corner of the display in the iPhone 5. Like the Pixel 5a, the size of the hole will be smaller. The time and notification indicators will be moved to the top left corner of the screen. And the front-facing selfie snapper is also getting an upgrade to support 4K video; currently that is only available on the rear camera. On the Pixel 5, the front-facing camera toggles between 1080p and 30fps. The code found in the Google Camera app gets rid of the 1080p/30fps restriction making 4K video from the selfie camera quite possible.
We should see an AMOLED display weighing in at 6-inches with an FHD+ resolution and a refresh rate of at least 90Hz.  8GB of memory paired with 128GB of storage sounds just right, and at the minimum, a 4000mAh battery could keep the lights on.

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