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Crusader Kings III Adds a New Duel System, More Detailed Hair Mechanics in its Next Update

The next big Crusader Kings III update is approaching, and Paradox Interactive is spotlighting its new features via a series of blogs – we’ve already learned about winter and the new poetry generator, and now we have details on the game’s new duel system.

Basically, duels are one-one-one turn-based battles that unfold over the course of two to four rounds. Depending on your character’s personality and prowess, you’ll be assigned various moves and specials to choose from. Of course, the goal is to kill or incapacitate your enemy, but there’s a good chance you may injure yourself doing some of the riskier moves, so there’s a strategic risk-reward element to the fights.

Crusader Kings III To Add a Poetry Generator and Pope Hats for All in its Next Update

Paradox has also been revealing the patch notes for Crusader Kings III ver. 1.3 in chunks, because when it comes to this series, even bug fixes are entertaining. The most notable thing from this batch of notes is that hair mechanics have been updated – instead of characters passing on a specific hair style, they pass on a hair type (straight, wavy, ect.) and the new character may change hair styles depending on which culture they become a part of. Check out the latest notes, below.

New Features

  • Enhanced the hair & beard inheritance gene system. Instead of inheriting specific haircuts from your parents, you now inherit a ‘hair type’ gene such as ‘straight’, ‘wavy’, ‘curly’ or ‘afro’. The actual haircut a character uses is now based upon their culture. This means that rulers won’t use inappropriate hairstyles/beards just because one of their grandparents happened to be of another culture!
  • NOTE: Existing characters from save games made before 1.3 might get a new haircut or become bald, and old ruler designer DNA data will not have hair/beard.
  • This system does not affect the Barbershop or Ruler Designer, where you’re still able to choose whatever hair you want.
  • Added the ‘Chin Goatee’ beard variant
  • Added new Special Buildings in [REDACTED] and [REDACTED], including the [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED], and more!


  • As the Patron of a holy order, you can now hire it even if it is already hired by someone else (except another player). You pay the piety cost to the person who has already hired it, rather than hiring it for free
  • Reduced acceptance bonus on Offer Vassalization from ‘wide difference in rank’ and ‘rightful liege’
  • Reduced fascination gain from learning from +2 to +1
  • Blocked joining a tyranny war if you can’t join a faction against your liege
  • It is now possible to recruit children from prison as long as they’re not heir to one of their liege’s titles
  • Reduced inherent health penalty on flagellant from -0.5 to -0.15
  • Reduced chance of characters randomly contracting lover’s pox & great pox
  • Improved the candidate selection for republican mayors: they can be of the province culture as well as their liege’s culture, will prefer to be succeeded by members of their court, and women can be selected when it makes sense
  • Being more than 5000 men above the supply limit now causes you to lose supply faster, will scale from 5/month at 5k to 10/month at 10k
  • Buildings in holdings in the domain limit grace period are now disabled entirely
  • Creating a Head of Faith title now requires 1 more holy site (2 for Spiritual, 3 for Temporal). Creating a Spiritual HoF title now costs 300g rather than 50 to 300g based on your income
  • Imprisoning and Executing characters of no particular status (i.e. lowborns) now yield much less tyranny
  • Non-republican Barons now get married and produce a family more consistently
  • The Pope is now more willing to lift excommunications, but doing so costs the excommunicated a Level of Fame
  • When a Claimant Faction succeeds in their goal, they will free their Claimant from prison if they were a prisoner of the old title holder


  • Children should no longer incorrectly become Lowborn if at least one of their (known) parents carry a Dynasty
  • The Pope will no longer grant himself Rome every year, and gain Piety for it
  • Fixed several instances of wounds being applied using the wrong effect, causing them to never heal
  • Fixed Great Holy Wars invalidating rather than changing target if someone for instance takes the target’s primary title
  • Fixed prestige and piety gains in extremely large battles (hundreds of thousands of troops on both sides) sometimes having an overflow issue causing them to go negative
  • Fixed the Controlled Territory Defender Advantage modifier only working for provinces you personally control, and not those of your vassals
  • Fixed the Diplomatic Range modifier not having any effects. Now range between two characters is based on the highest Diplomatic Range modifier of the two
  • Fixed the loss of your pet spoon removing your pet stone instead
  • Characters under 18 will now hold council props
  • Fixed an issue where vassals created additional holdings throughout a liege’s realm when becoming feudal or clan. They should now only create holdings within their own sub-realm.
  • Hostile schemes are now invalidated when the target isn’t within the owner’s diplomatic range
  • It is now much harder to imprison a claimant that has the support of a faction that has pressed demands
  • It’s now easier to imprison your own young children if they’re unfortunate enough to be in your court
  • Removed the secret tunnel between Cherchen and Gomoco, allowing armies to pass through the Kunlun Mountains.
  • You can now send your kid off to university properly and easier
  • The AI can now occasionally attempt to escape from prison
  • Subjugation wars now return their prestige cost when invalidating
  • Tribals can now adjust tribe-valid succession laws (i.e., gender, mostly) at limited tribal authority instead of needing to reform to feudal
  • Fathers of secret bastards can now realize that they are the real father even when the mother is married
  • Characters can now rip their shirts off without exposing their crotch
  • Ended the Crocapocalypse

Crusader Kings III is available now on PC. Update 1.3 doesn’t have a release date yet, but expect it to drop within the coming weeks.

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