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Crusader Kings III To Add a Poetry Generator and Pope Hats for All in its Next Update

The next big Crusader Kings III update is approaching, and Paradox Interactive have detailed a quirky addition – the Poet trait is coming back, and now it comes with a random poetry generator. Yes, really. You just choose a person you want the poem to be about and a theme (romance, legacy, mourning, strife, or a diss track for a character you don’t like) and the poetry generator will spit a little ready-made poem. You can send these poems to other characters you want to butter up (or insult) or even torture an enemy with bad poetry as part of a special event.

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Paradox also recently introduced another new feature coming our way in the next Crusader Kings III update – winter. The snowy season can range from mild to harsh, depending on your location, and will negatively affect your armies.

In addition to poetry, Crusader Kings III ver. 1.3 will deliver more new features, tweaks, and fixes. Here’s an incomplete list of what to expect

Game Content

  • All formerly inaccessible Religious Clothes/Headgear are now accessible in the Barbershop. You want to wear the Pope’s hat and Steppe Pagan robes? Go right ahead!
  • Added a small interaction to pardon a subject’s crimes in exchange for opinion.
  • A guardian might now get a hook on their ward, should they be of a greedy/deceitful persuasion
  • You can now offer concubines and consorts to other characters!
  • When Offering Vassalization to a feudal ruler, you may now offer a more lenient Contract to improve their chance of accepting.
  • Added a narrative event for converting to a new Faith, as well as a notification for when your liege converts to a new Faith.
  • … and many more


  • Men-at-Arms, Special Troops and Mercenaries now have travel time and, like Levies, have a penalty to disband/re-raise during wars. Travel time is based on the distance to the realm capital. This should effectively stop being able to ‘teleport’ MaA across the map
  • The renown cost of acquiring Dynasty Legacies has been overhauled. Instead a linear progression (1000, 2000, 3000… etc.) the cost is now dynamic. It should be much easier to unlock your first few Legacy perks, but significantly harder to unlock all Legacies in the game.
  • All Dynasty Legacy perks have been rebalanced. Their effects should now be much more tangible and interesting.
  • The Yearly Event pools have been restructured, and a lot of triggers loosened or removed outright. In practice this means that you’ll see more events when playing (roughly one random event from this pool every 4 years rather than every 5-6 years). This also means that some extremely rare events will now appear more frequently.
  • The Infirm trait events have been moved from the Yearly pulse to the Health pulse. What this means is that all characters can now become infirm, not only rulers. It is also much more likely for elderly characters to actually get the trait.
  • Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren should no longer wander off, following the same rules as Children
  • Married characters will no longer wander off if they are in a realm where they are subservient to the other part of the marriage, and their spouse is in the same court
  • You can now Disinherit people outside your diplomatic range
  • AI rulers who form an alliance in the middle of a war now wait 1 month before calling their new ally to arms.
  • Feudalizing as a Tribe no longer requires all Tribal-Era innovations, now you only need 70% (9) of all Civic & Military Innovations
  • You will no longer get stress from Parents or Siblings dying of old age when they’re 65 or older (if they’re friends or lovers you might still get stress, though)


  • Hovering over the unit plate of a friendly unit now shows its full path. Great for seeing where your allies are going
  • Players now receive a warning when their enemy in a war forms a new alliance
  • Updated the Current Situation widget with a fresh new coat of paint. It’s now darker with more muted colors, and some flavorful decor.
  • Current Situation entries now only show ‘X’ to close when hovered
  • Added a Current Situation item for hooks about to expire; it’ll tell you when a hook expires in less than 3 months
  • Added a message that lets the employer know if their councillors leave because of marriage or title inheritance
  • Building a new holding will now in the Domain view say you’re building the holding type (E.G., “Castle”) rather than the name of the main building (E.G., “Motte”)
  • Ensured scheme success and secrecy modifiers show up as percentages in all cases

Crusader Kings III is available now on PC. Update 1.3 doesn’t have a release date yet, but expect it to drop within the coming weeks.

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