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Currys PS5 restock update: retailer reveals new 'PS5 Priority Pass' scheme

Finding where to buy PS5 in the UK continues to be a challenge, even though we’re three months into the new year. Whether you’re battling waves of expectant consumers, or the millions of bots used by scalpers, retailers haven’t come close to meeting demand.

However, Currys are taking a new approach to the ongoing PS5 stock shortages with a new “PS5 Priority Pass” scheme, which enters registrants into a raffle of sorts with the chance of being able to buy a PS5.

If you’re a winner, Currys will contact you via email and provide you with a Priority Pass. This will contain a unique PS5 buying code, along with details of which local Currys PC World store you can buy the PS5 from. The pass will only be valid for 72 hours, so if you do win, don’t forget to use it before it expires.

PS5 Priority Pass

(Image credit: Currys)

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