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Dirt 5 and NBA 2K21 Are Free to Play on Steam This Weekend

Looking for something to play this weekend, but not sure if you want to commit to buying a full game? Well, PC players have a couple of free options, as both Dirt 5 and NBA 2K21 are free-to-play on Steam for a limited window of time. And if you enjoy your trial, you can purchase both games at a discount – Dirt 5 is 50 percent off and NBA 2K21 is 67 percent off!

Haven’t been keeping up with Dirt 5 and NBA 2K21? Wccftech’s Chris Wray found Dirt 5 to be a fun, accessible arcade racer in his full review

Dirt 5 offers a new path for the series and treads it brilliantly. The core numbered titles have always been slightly more arcade-oriented, but this takes it to a whole other level and is fantastic because of this move. This is an incredibly approachable and varied racing game that takes you on a tour of several racing styles in far-flung places across the globe. With every new console generation comes a new generation of racing games and Dirt 5 is that game. It looks fantastic, it’s incredibly fun, is polished to a great level, and is arguably the best game to come out of Codemasters.

Meanwhile, I found NBA 2K21 a passable, but somewhat underwhelming entry this year (PC players only get the “current-gen” version of the game this year). Of course, with the game being free, you can make up your own mind…

It’s hard to escape the feeling that the current-gen version of NBA 2K21 is merely a rushed appetizer before the next-gen main course. Yes, NBA 2K21 can still be a great time, but stagnant presentation, copy-and-pasted modes and features, and new mechanics that clearly weren’t fully worked out combine to make the game feel like a half-hearted buzzer beater throwaway.

Both Dirt 5 and NBA 2K21 are free to play on Steam until the end of Sunday.

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