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Do you use authentication for Play Store purchases on your device?

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The Google Play Store is the default destination for Android users to download and purchase content, whether it’s apps and games or movies and books. However, Google also lets you add security authentication before you make a purchase, such as your password or fingerprint.

This could be handy for users with kids, as the children will then need your password or fingerprint to actually buy content on the Play Store. But this measure is also practical if you simply want to ensure your account is as secure as they can be.

We do wonder how many Android Authority readers use authentication for purchases via the Play Store though. Do you require authentication on your Play Store account or do you leave that box unchecked? Let us know by voting in the poll below.

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Google allows you to either authenticate every single purchase, authenticate for a 30 minute period (allowing you to make as many purchases as you want within 30 minutes), or lets you disable authentication completely. So which one do you prefer?

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