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Elecjet 45W USB-C Super Fast Charger review: Affordable for everything

There are subtle differences between good and the best phone charging accessories. All too often, this difference boils down to lesser understood charging specifications and other little touches. The Elecjet 45W USB-C Super Fast Charger may not come from a well-known charging brand, but it aims to provide everything you need in a very affordable package.

This plug has already received Android Authority‘s recommendation for fast charging Samsung’s latest Galaxy S21 smartphone series. However, this little charger can power more than just smartphones. Let’s dive in and see how it performs in this Elecjet 45W USB-C Super Fast Charger review.

What you need to know about the Elecjet 45W USB-C Super Fast Charger

Elecjet 45W USB C Super Fast Charger accessories

Credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority

  • Elecjet 45W USB-C Super Fast Charger: $25/£27/€25

The Elecjet 45W Super Fast Charger bundles with everything you need to get charging right away. The adapter comes with a North American plug fixed into the back and is bundled with Europlug and UK adapters. A one-meter USB-C to USB-C cable comes bundled as well. There is a maximum amperage of up to 5A for the cable. The charger hits its peak 45W power rating without issue.

Speaking of power, up to 45W is provided via USB Power Delivery and USB Power Delivery PPS standards at up to 20V 2.25A and 16V 2.8A, respectively. The charger also powers Quick Charge gadgets with up to 18W of power. See the table below for a full charging specification breakdown.

Elecjet 45W USB Power Delivery
Programable Power Supply
USB Power Delivery 3.0 Quick Charge
Voltage and current modes 3.3V – 11V, 4A
3.3V – 16V, 2.8A
5V, 3A
9V, 3A
12V, 3A
15V, 3A
20V, 2.25A
5V, 3A
9V, 2A
12V, 1.5A
Maximum power 45W 45W 18W

The charger is only available in black. The single USB-C port is encased by a matte finish, which is coupled with a glossy plastic coating on the four edges. For a 45W charger, the package is slim, very lightweight, and perfectly portable.

What’s good?

Elecjet 45W Charger Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Compatibility is key for picking a third-party charger, and that’s where the Elecjet excels. With support for USB PD 3.0, USB PD PPS, and Qualcomm’s Quick Charge, this adapter will charge virtually anything. That includes Samsung’s picky Galaxy S21, S20 Ultra, and recent Note series of smartphones, which require USB PD PPS to charge at full speed.

Among the wide range of smartphone and third-party adapters I’ve tested, the Elecjet 45W was one of only two third-party adapters that could charge the Samsung Galaxy S21 at full speed. The Elecjet is also the more affordable option. At around $25, it’s only a fraction more expensive than Samsung’s 25W charger ($20) and has more power to charge larger gadgets. If you’re after a 45W charger for the Galaxy S20 Ultra, this plug is much more affordable than Samsung’s official 45W Travel Adapter.

The Eleject 45W also powers more common USB PD and Quick Charge devices too. There’s enough power to fast charge modern iPhones (USB PD 20W) and a Nintendo Switch (USB PD 18W) without issue. 45W is also suitable for charging up more demanding USB-C tablets and laptops with reasonable battery sizes. Devices like the Microsoft Surface X and Honor MagicBook Pro reached 45W during our tests. Although you’ll probably require 60W or more for power-user laptops with large battery capacities if you want a full charge in under two hours.

I’m also a big fan of the swappable international plugs and USB-C cable included in the box. The entire package is a steal at around $25/£25/€25, especially for frequent travelers.

What’s not so good?

Elecjet 45W USB C Super Fast Charger port

Credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority

I don’t have any real complaints about the Elecjet 45W USB-C Super Fast Charger. If I had to be really picky, I’d say that the shiny plastic finish is prone to micro-scratches. While a minor issue, I’m not sure it would survive a major drop without cracking. Introducing a second USB-C port would allow the charger to fully use the 45W for dual charging. That would cost more to implement though, so again it’s not an issue at this price.

The product is out of stock among many retailers. You may find luck with Amazon, but not with many other retailers internationally.

Elecjet 45W USB-C Super Fast Charger review: Should I buy it?

Elecjet 45W USB C Super Fast Charger

Credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority

At this price, there really isn’t a better smartphone wall plug on the market. It’s more affordable than official chargers, yet will charge devices at full speed without issue. Bundled with international adapters, the Elecject 45W USB-C Super Fast Charger can easily accompany you on your travels.

45W of power is plenty for smartphones that support USB PD. This makes the Elecjet serviceable for charging tablets and some smaller laptops too. We’d still recommend a 60W or higher model to charge up larger capacity USB-C laptops quickly, but the Elecjet can still fill the role in a pinch.

If you’re looking for an affordable, universal USB-C charger that can handle any gadget you throw at it, the Elecjet 45W Super Fast Charger comes highly recommended.

Elecjet 45W USB C Super Fast Charger Electjet 45W USB-C smartphone charger

Electjet’s 45W USB-C charger supports USB Power Delivery PPS to quickly charge Samsung’s latest Galaxy S and Galaxy Note smartphones at full speed.

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