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Elgato Made a Green Screen Mouse Mat

(Photo: Elgato)

There’s only so many features you can tweak on a mouse mat, and they typically break down into size, materials used, and shape. But Elgato came up with a new way to differentiate its latest mouse mat by allowing it to double as a green screen.

It doesn’t sound like a clever innovation until you realize what a green screen mouse mat allows you to do on video. For game streamers in particular, it offers a new opportunity to not only show off a game being played, but how you’re controlling it without impacting the footage too much. The video below demonstrates how well this works.

As you can see, with a camera focused down on to the mat it’s possible to remove everything but your keyboard, mouse, and hands, or your hands on a gaming controller. It’s not just games where the mat comes in handy, though. Explainer and unboxing videos can very easily create their own backgrounds on which to place objects and even make them animate as a way to aid understanding.

The Green Screen Mouse Mat is huge, measuring 940-by-400-by-2mm and is has a smooth glide polyester surface, anti-fray cotton edges, and anti-skid rubber base. It’s also not going to break the bank as Elgato priced it at just $29.99.

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