If you’re trying to take online safety seriously these days, there’s no better way to keep your accounts protected than by turning to physical security keys. A few months ago, Twitter stepped up and added support for two-factor authentication keys on mobile devices, and now it’s Facebook’s turn to do the same. Beginning today, the company now allows users to register and use hardware security keys on Android and iOS.

This is a feature Facebook has supported on desktop since 2017, so expanding to phones is long overdue. To enroll your key in the app, head to the Security and Login section within settings and select Security Key under Two-Factor Authentication. Keys can unlock your account wirelessly via Bluetooth or by physically plugging into your phone for a wired connection (there’s no support for connecting using NFC at this time).

It does seem like rollout for the feature is still ongoing, considering I was unable to begin registering a security key on Facebook’s Android app without an error appearing on-screen.

In the announcement, Facebook recommends all users switch to physical keys for two-factor authentication on their accounts, regardless of what device you’re using and whether or not your account is at high risk of being hacked. If you don’t have a hardware key, the app continues to support other 2FA methods like authentication apps, text message verification, and recovery codes, though none of these are as secure as an actual key.