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Fall Guys' Godzilla Costume Is Coming Back

If you missed out on getting Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout‘s adorable Godzilla skin when it was in rotation last November, you’ll be happy to discover he’s coming back on March 24. The skin isn’t exactly the same, however, with the new version of Godzilla sporting a spicy new look inspired by Burning Godzilla from the 1995 Godzilla vs. Destoroyah.

Just like the last Godzilla skin, this one will cost you a hefty 10 Crowns, so you’d better get those wins up between now and March 24.

Though not mentioned in the announcement tweet, the new Godzilla skin is likely related to Godzilla Vs. Kong, which will release in theaters and on HBO Max on March 31. Mediatonic hasn’t said whether they plan to release a Kong skin as well, but we can only hope they’ll cater for Kong fans as well at some point.

Fall Guys is currently counting down towards its fourth season, which is due to start on March 22. The new future-themed season, called 4041, will bring new stages and modes to the game, as well as a set of futuristic outfits that include Among Us costumes.

Fall Guys studio Mediatonic was recently acquired by gaming giant Epic Games, though for now the acquisition hasn’t caused any major changes for the cutesy battle royale game–it’s still available on Steam, for one. Mediatonic is now working on releasing Fall Guys on Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles, with the ports due out this summer.

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