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GAME PS5 restock due today before 11am – Very use virtual waiting room

Very good idea (pic: Sony)

The battle against console scalpers has taken another turn, as Very get a PS5 restock and GAME wait to go live this morning.

Yesterday Currys PC World instigated a lottery system style ‘Priority Pass’ for people looking to buy a PlayStation 5 console, essentially randomising the chance for customers to buy them.

That was an attempt to prevent scalpers from snapping up all the stock using automated bots – so they can resell the consoles on eBay – and now Very has also started using a new system to keep things fair, with a virtual waiting room.

The idea is that once you’re in the waiting room the website will check every 30 seconds to see if there’s a spot available where you can then buy the console, the idea being that bots won’t understand what’s going on and only legitimate customers will get a chance to buy.

You can’t check to see how the waiting room works because Very’s stock went live late last night (no doubt to avoid its website getting hammered) and is now long gone.

There is another chance to buy a PlayStation 5 this week though, with GAME announcing that they’ll get in new stock today, Thursday 11th, between 9am and 11am.

Although they probably have anti-bot software, for what that’s worth, GAME don’t seem to have any other special measures to keep out scalpers, so that means the stock probably won’t last long.

Restocks at all retailers are clearly getting more frequent though, so if you haven’t got lucky yet it shouldn’t be long now till you’re able to pick one up.

As usual, GAME has a lot of hardware bundles, rather than just buying the console alone, and you can peruse them all here – although the split is almost even 56% of the stock will be for the more expensive disc version.

Also, the stock will be released in batches, so if there’s no consoles when you check, and it’s not 11am yet, you still have a chance if you keep refreshing.

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