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Games Inbox: Will the PS5 outsell the PS4?

Can the PS5 beat its predecessor? (pic: Sony)

The Friday Inbox is worried that Sony is not as good at making movies as it is games, as one reader disputes Sega’s Metacritic success.

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Level 2
Now that the PlayStation 5 is getting into the hands of more than just scalpers, and with new game Returnal having gone gold (there doesn’t seem to be much hype about it but I love Housemarque’s stuff) it feels like we’re getting to the second stage of the PlayStation 5’s existence.

I guess there’s bound to be more delays but if we think optimistically then we should be looking at a bunch more exclusives this year, hopefully including Horizon Forbidden West. I know a lot of the focus has been on Microsoft the last few weeks, with all the money splashing around, but, for me, they still haven’t done anything to excite me about the one and only thing that matters: the games.

Not only has there not been an Xbox Series X exclusive from them yet but it’s still not even certain when there’ll be one. Halo Infinite at Christmas? Maybe, maybe not.

People might go to Microsoft to save money, but I believe they’ll continue to go to Sony for the actual games. The PlayStation 5 is already outselling the PlayStation 4 compared to the same time in its life and I believe it’ll end up outselling it overall, as I have a feeling this gen will be a long one.
Big Mike

New Adventure
I’m still loving Ring Fit Adventure after nearly 100 hours of play. Despite finishing the main story there’s plenty of stuff to keep my interest, it’s a very generous package. In saying that, I’m a greedy sort and can’t help but want more. Do you think there’s any chance of DLC or even a follow-up title on Switch?

I believe Wii Fit had some DLC, didn’t it? Some new exercises, a new story to follow, and maybe even a different peripheral to use would be amazing. (There’s a couple of quality-of-life improvements I wouldn’t mind too, like being able to choose which side you start an exercise on.) Whereas the original was a tentative buy any follow-up is now absolutely essential at almost any price.
Ryan O’D
PS: Do you know of an email address I can use if I wanted to write to Nintendo? I looked online and can only find a complaints customer service address which isn’t exactly what I want. I’m not on Twitter or anything to contact them that way.

GC: It’s been very successful, so we’d imagine there’s every chance of more – you’re right that Wii Fit did have DLC back in the day. Twitter is probably the best way to get hold of Nintendo but a quick google brought up the email address feedback@nintendo.co.uk

Wishful thinking
Looks like we have turned a corner on PlayStation 5/Xbox Series X. Seems to me the eBay lot are getting worried of getting stuck with hundreds of consoles. No one will buy because the stock is coming though and you get a new 12-month warranty, rather than the warranty that is left after all these months of them trying to sell them on eBay and no one buying them.

Seems to me, the next few months, they will be selling them below shop price just to get rid of them. Might even be going £100 below RRP. So if you can’t afford the £450 price tag you might want to keep an eye on eBay. After all, what would you rather do? Lose a pound or a penny? And they will want to get rid of them befor stock is more than demand.

GC: That is not going to happen. The PlayStation 5 is still very difficult to get hold of and will be for the rest of the year.

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Zack Snyder’s Bloodborne
I’ve enjoyed a lot of the PlayStation exclusives during the last few generations. What I haven’t enjoyed from Sony is the quality of their movies (do I have to review the execrable Ghostbusters to prove it?) Considering mainstream movies seem more inspired by games now rather than vice versa, complete with terrible dialogue, even worse screenplay, and incomprehensible fight sequences (yes you, Willy’s Wonderland) I’m not sure why Sony seem so intent on setting fire to their money.

I’d like to see a director like Villeneuve tackle Bloodborne but preferably with an intention on exploring the Lovecraftian elements rather than a wearisome endless CGI Synderesque battle sequence. In all seriousness though, one does wish that these two art forms would stop having these groan inducing collaborations.

GC: We agree. We love the fact that the original Mortal Kombat and the new one are still the only films that seem to serve any kind of purpose, in that you get to watch real martial artists and actors fight. Actually, Detective Pikachu was interesting too, in terms of the realistic designs and how they pokémon were portrayed as an everyday reality – it’s a shame the second half of the story devolved into nonsense.

The anti-classic
Back 4 Blood delayed as well, eh? I don’t know what the opposite of classic year is but this is definitely it, and it’s not even anyone’s fault. I really wonder what’s going to happen when lockdown is over and there’s zero new games to attract people into game. Will everyone being sick of being cooped up inside and the lack of new releases suddenly make gaming seem very unappealing? Just when real life starts to return gaming could suddenly become a non-event for many people.

Maybe I’m worrying about nothing. It’s kind of difficult to stay excited about gaming at the moment given the total lack of anything happening and I’m probably projecting. Gamers are used to disappointment but usually the bright side is you get to moan about whatever super obvious mistake a company made, this time it’s nobody fault, just the drudgery of dealing with the pandemic.

Infinite appeal
So, despite all the money Microsoft is spending at the moment, with Bethesda and whatever, they still seem on intent on making Halo big again and I’m really not sure I can see it happening. There’s obviously a number of people that feel nostalgic about the series, but apart from those superfans does anyone really care? The story disappeared up its own rear end years ago and it’s now six years since Halo 5, so I can’t remember what happened anyway.

There’s a lot of talk of Halo Infinite going old school, like the originals, but what does that mean? Really slow movement and limited weapons? I’m not sure that’s going to be seen as the new hotness by most modern gamers.

Microsoft get a lot of stick for their lack of games but I feel it’s an issue of quality more than quantity. Killer apps might not be quite as important as they used to be but Microsoft needs that one game that sums up the console and Is exclusive to them. I just don’t feel that’s Halo (or Gears Of War) anymore and they need to make something brand new. But despite all the companies they’ve been buying they’re still not doing that. Even that new studio they set up is just making a new Perfect Dark, which I admit, by comparison, does make Halo look super relevant and fresh.

No drive, no disc
Quick question. If I get an Xbox Series S without a disc drive, how do I play my old disc-based games? Is there a code I can get or do I have to buy again?

I love to consolidate all my consoles into one, assuming the backward compatibility covers all of the Xbox 360 and Xbox One games.

GC: You don’t, that’s one of the disadvantages of buying the cheaper version.

Sega lover
OK, so now I understand why GC is so strict about not including remasters and previously released games in its Games of the Year lists, because that Metacritic list of the best publishers is sheer nonsense. Sega?! Most of those companies are only so high because they released ports of games that came out years ago on new formats, how is that worthy of any kind of acclaim? It took no effort from them and in many cases most of them don’t seem to have released anything much that was new last year.

I mean, who even remembers the last time Sega release a decent game on consoles? There was Sonic Mania and then… I got nothing. Including Atlus seems kind of dumb too. I know Sega bought them but all their stuff is released on their own label and there’s really no overlap in terms of what they do.

I’ve just realised that this makes me sound like a Sega hater but really it’s the opposite. I remember the days when Sega were video games, in both arcades at a home. Nowadays they’re an irrelevance, unless you happen to like PC strategy games. I dream of the old Sega coming back and giving them silly awards like this is not going to convince them to change their current way of doing things.

Inbox also-rans
I think all these predictions of the Switch Pro are well of the mark, It’s going to be called the Super Switch!

What are the chances Microsoft will keep the name Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 for the Xbox Series X? Those not in the know may think that there is a newer version out and will hesitate buying it.

GC: The PC version is just called Microsoft Flight Simulator, there’s no number at the end of its name.

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Are you a fan of the franchise and if so what is your favourite entry and why? Why do you think the series has lasted so long, especially given how rare new horror games are nowadays?

What are your impressions of Resident Evil Village so far and what are your longer term hopes for the series, including potential remakes? Do you want the series to lean more into horror or action and what do you think about recent games reducing the amount of cheesy dialogue and characters?

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