The Nest Audio is the best (and only) dedicated speaker Google still makes. It released at a lower price than the first-generation Google Home, $99 to the Home’s introductory $129, while sounding better and looking less weird. Google offers a two-pack for a $20 discount, which is an even better deal. And today, you can get an additional $40 off a two-pack from BuyDig — that’s just $139, an even better-er deal.

We gave the Nest Audio a glowing review last year: for the price, there isn’t much else you could want out of a Google Assistant speaker (except a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack, something you won’t find in any Google speaker now that the Home Max has been discontinued).

To get this price, just add the two-pack to your cart over at BuyDig and apply coupon code DMH23 at checkout. It seems like the deal is only available on the Charcoal two-pack, but if that works for you, this is an outstanding price.