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Google Brings Its Live Caption Feature to Chrome

Google is bringing its real-time captioning feature, Live Caption, to its Chrome browser.

Google took to its Keyword blog to discuss the feature’s arrival, which is available now. First introduced for Google’s Pixel smartphone line, it utilizes machine learning to generate captions for most videos online, including podcasts and phone calls. While useful for anyone who prefers to watch videos with the sound off, Live Caption is especially useful for those with hearing difficulties.

“With Live Caption, I no longer have to miss out on watching videos because of lack of captions, and I can engage in real-life conversations with family, friends or colleagues about this content,” software engineer Laura D’Aquila, who’s hard of hearing, said of her experience with Live Caption. “Just recently, my coworker sent a video to our team’s chat, but it was not captioned. With Live Caption I was able to follow along and share my reactions to the video with my team.”

Google generates captions straight from the device you’re using, so captions will pop up as the content plays. You don’t need an internet connection for it to do so, either. It will work across a wide variety of content online and offline, which makes it a versatile accessibility option. It’s also a great tool for anyone who wishes to keep their media muted while working or multitasking so they can keep up.

Live Caption is available now across the latest versions of Chrome on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It’ll be available for Chromebooks with Chrome OS soon. To toggle it on, go to Chrome Settings, click Advanced, and then click Accessibility.

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