Being able to locate specific information in Google’s products can help improve your day-to-day workflow. Most power users are probably familiar with Gmail’s search operators — keywords that add filters to help you achieve better results. Google Drive also supports operators designed to seek out specific documents, and with today’s update, those are becoming more useful than ever. An all-new operator for finding shared files is available to Drive users beginning today, as well as updated versions of some essential search terms.

Let’s start with the newest way to search through Drive. If you’re constantly looking for shared documents with specific users, the new “sharedwith:” operator will come in handy. Using this term with an email address returns files the user either owns or has permissions to view.

Keeping this new focus on shared documents in mind, Google has also updated three of its existing operators in Drive:

  • “From:” now includes all shared files from a selected email address, rather than only files owned by that email address.
  • “To:” displays all files shared with your targeted email address, regardless of permission status.
  • “Owner:” hasn’t been changed directly, but it now works to return the results that “from:” used to deliver.

These updated search operators should be available in Drive starting today, with a gradual release to all Google accounts over the coming weeks.