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Google Drive update adds new ways to view and manage notifications on mobile

Google Drive is slowly becoming an excellent app and it’s not just the desktop version that it’s getting improvements. Google announced earlier today that it’s now rolling out new features to the Android version of Drive.

The new update is meant to allow Google Drive users on Android devices to keep track of important notifications easier than before. For that to happen, Google added new ways to view and manage notifications in the Google Drive app for Android.

That being said, with the latest version of Google Drive, Android users will be able to see all their notifications in one place, and that doesn’t require you to enable notifications. On top of that, Android users can now choose filters to control the types of notifications they receive.

Also, the updated app will show more file information directly from the notification and will allow users to take actions such as share files directly from the notifications they receive. Last but not least, you’ll be able to delete and dismiss any notification that you don’t want on your phone.

The new features are rolling out to all Google Drive users on Android as we speak, although it will take up to two weeks for these improvements to become visible to everyone. Simply open the app, head to Priority, and find the Notifications tab on the top part of the screen to browse through your notifications.

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