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Google Shopping's latest tool is thirsty for your stimulus check

Google is getting into the business of retail superlatives with a new mini-site telling you about the best things for everything — whether the product you want is for coffee, for power generators, or for board games, you’ve got options for it. All of this in an effort to prop up its Google Shopping service.

The mobile-first experience features 1,000 products sorted into dozens of category tiles that you scroll all over the place to find. Alternatively, you can also hit the pulldown menu from the top to grab some of the most common bits and bobs.

Google will bring up a bunch of product suggestions in any given category along with their star rating on the Shopping platform and their minimum prices in the marketplace.

Tapping on a product brings you through to its dedicated Google Shopping page where you can peruse its features, reviews, in-depth content, and current pricing as well as the ability to sign up for price-tracking.

The Best Thing for Everything will be around for the next several weeks which likely means that Google hopes this mini-site will do the job of promoting Shopping.

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