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Google Tests App-Like Chromecast Menu With Additional Controls

(Image: PCMag)

Google is working on a new, app-like interface for Chromecast.

According to 9to5Google, several users are seeing the new interface when casting video from their phones. Typically, doing so loads information like a YouTube channel name, date, time, and other rudimentary details. The video plays, and when it’s complete, it’s back to a basic how-to screen to cast again.

The new interface, which is similar to what Android TV already uses, includes several changes, like closed captioning, resolution options, subtitles, and the ability to add new videos to the playlist via the menu.

There’s a newly improved home screen with suggestions, a sign-in option, help pages, a way to reset the app, and even to display the watch history. All of these additions transform casting into a much less barebones experience.

Several Reddit users, like u/garethonreddit and u/greyhood_39, reported seeing the new UI on the third-generation Chromecast. However, Google has not made any announcements regarding an update for the devices or what else it might have in store for the app-like changes. What’s more, the interface has since gone away for those it displayed for in the first place.

If Google is working on a more permanent version of this menu, it would be a welcome change for Chromecast functionality. It’s possible it could rear its head again as part of a future update, but for now it’s something to keep an eye on.

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