The Pixel 3 was the last flagship phone that Google released in India; neither the Pixel 4 nor Pixel 5 ever made it to one of the world’s largest smartphone markets. While it still doesn’t sound like Pixel flagships will be coming there anytime soon, Google may be planning a surprisingly India-inclusive launch for its next midrange phone.

According to a senior executive at Google, as reported by Economic Times, the company plans to allocate a larger portion of Pixel 5a handsets for the Indian market from its global inventory. The Pixel 4a, due to Google’s lack of foresight and strategy (and probably partly due to the pandemic affecting supply chains), ended up going out of stock more often than not, despite Google supposedly doubling its inventory over the 3a.

Though the Pixel 5a might be available in droves, the executive still casts doubt on 5G Pixel phones being made available in the country since there’s no 5G network to take benefit of. While that doesn’t give us a lot to work with, this may mean that the Pixel 6 will never make it to Indian shores.

Google is also reportedly exploring the possibility of shifting a part of its device manufacturing process to India. Doing so would help the company save on import duties and take advantage of economic incentives in the country to price its phones better. Even if that ends up happening, don’t expect to see any sweeping changes overnight.